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Divide Your Assets with Separation Agreements

It is possible to divide your assets and deal with support and custody before you are divorced. A skilled attorney can prepare a separation agreement for you to ensure it is valid. At McNamara, Lycans & Sholar, P.C., we have experience drafting separation agreements enabling both parties to move forward with their lives.

Your separation agreement can involve many things, including:

  • Property division
  • Custody
  • Debts
  • Support
  • Living arrangements
  • Cars

Separation agreements not valid unless signed by both parties
Both parties must sign the separation agreement and the signatures must be notarized. Once this happens, your agreement is binding. If both parties do not sign the agreement, the document is not binding.

You are not obligated to sign a separation agreement.

Do we need two attorneys for a separation agreement?
While you could have a separation agreement drafted by one attorney, you always want to have an attorney with your best interests involved in the process. We can prepare, negotiate and advise on the separation agreement to ensure your interests are properly represented.

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